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Heather Thomas got her start in the Seattle scene as the kind of drummer who can learn an entire set in one day, play the show like she’s been in the band for years, and sit in with the next band ripping a killer funk tune with pocket or tastefully giving a singer-songwriter a settled-in groove. After touring the country with two-time Grammy-nominated Mary Lambert (of Macklemore Same Love fame) opening for artists like Gavin DeGraw, Train, Pharrell, Ariana Grande and performing live on Good Morning America, LIVE with Kelly and Michael, and VH1 You Oughta Know, she took to songwriting with a passion and intensity that soon churned out heartfelt folk tunes and complex rock numbers with the ability to stick in your head for days. She is prolific as a studio musician and session drummer, playing on dozens of albums and in close to one hundred bands over her 7-year stay in Seattle. She’s earned quite a reputation for herself within the city, but now she’s looking to take that spirit of make-art-no-matter-what across the country in an ambitions move for 2020, spending each month in a new city to explore and invest in other music scenes. In each city, Heather intends to connect with select musicians, songwriters, studios, and drummers to collaborate and create. 


Heather is also a skilled and experienced teacher, and will be accepting new online students as well as booking drum clinics.

Booking and press inquiries may be sent to management@heatherthomasmusic.com.


Here’s the schedule: 

January: Los Angeles

February: San Francisco Bay Area

March: Austin

April: Austin

May: Albuquerque

June: Denver

July: Nashville

August: Chicago

September: New York City

October: Philadelphia

November: TBD

December: Seattle

Find more information, videos, and upcoming shows at www.heatherthomasmusic.com and follow Heather on Instagram at @heatherondrums or facebook.com/heatherdrummer



People in Places - Heather Thomas




 "Whether she’s singing in psych-pop ensemble General Mojo’s, or singing and bashing the kit for her own Heather Thomas Band, anything she touches is invariably worth a listen (or several)...Thomas’s bell-clear, beautiful voice hits with surprising force—she sounds like Linda Ronstadt gone full-on Rock Goddess...The complexity of her playing—breakneck shifts in meter, delivered with a walloping force that never loses its footing on the deeply organic groove—is dizzying. And she sings over it all without missing a beat. Yes, keeping your jaw from dropping is a fool’s errand."

-Tony Kay, Artist Home

"General Mojo’s Heather Thomas is more than just the band’s singer and percussionist, she’s also an outspoken advocate for supporting, making space for and increasing the visibility of female and female-identifying musicians. She’s been working for her own success for more than a decade with the goal of opening doors and broadening opportunities for herself and as many women as possible. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m in love."

-Carey Ross, Cascadia Weekly

“Heather naturally cultivates such a healthy environment, that combines challenge, positivity, and a knack for what's best for the flow of the song and the session. She has a really unique ability to keep things in the moment and lively, while always edging towards them being extraordinarily thought out and flushed out. Being in the studio with her is energizing, productive, and inspiring to anyone in the room, which ultimately translates to the listener." -producer Eric Lilavois

"Heather understands her role in this world as a woman paving the road for other women to find their voice and power and she’s leading by example through her music, championing the drums as an instrument of power for self expression and confidence. I was so inspired by her possibility-geared mindset and determination to practice, improve her craft and make something seemingly impossible happen."

- Cha Wilde, Wilde Musicians Podcast

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