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My launch team is made up of incredible people who have decided that they like what I'm doing and want to help me succeed by becoming monthly contributors! They get access to unreleased content that includes recordings, videos, charts, and pages from my journals. As an independent artist, the support of people who want to donate helps me focus on the art I'm making and it also inspires me to keep producing content that can add to their lives.

Launch Team members get to watch new videos first, or can sign up to receive the Button of the Month in the mail. Lunch Team members get to join the monthly video meet-up to catch up on what's going on in my real life. Or make a one-time donation if you can show support that way! 

I'm so incredibly grateful to all of you who choose to sign up and support as I continue my journey of making music and art! 

Choose Your Level

Launch Team


Your name is listed on my website on the “Launch Team” page, you get access to all Launch Team forums and videos. Exclusive content will include access to unreleased demos, videos from the road, handwritten journal entries, lyrics, and anything else I want to share that isn't available to the public. You also get your name on my list of Launch Team supporters! We make a great team!

Button Club


Each month you receive by mail a Button of the Month plus one button of Heather's choice. It's something fun to look forward to, a way to share humor or good will, and add to your collection or share with your friends! Button club members have the most fun. Follow @htoriginalbuttons on Instagram to see!

Lunch Team 


Join the monthly video update lunch hour where I’ll tell you all about my travels, answer questions, and go more in-depth about my experiences. Thanks for taking me  out to lunch! You also will be in the Button Club and have access to the Launch Team Portal. 

Tank of gas


This is for those of you who want to help me get where I’m going but aren’t looking for anything special in return. Put a tank of gas in the van each month and I'll keep on rolling! 

Hey Coach!


Need a check-in every once in awhile? This subscription gets you a 20-minute video session once a month to ask questions, get advice, talk about what you're working on or excited about or struggling with. I'm here to help encourage you or give you the push you need to get to that next step. 

“It’s not therapy” session


A monthly one-hour phone call where we can talk about anything you’d like, let me know what you’re going through, what you’re working on, and what you’re excited about. I can offer encouragement, support, inspiration, or any words of wisdom I have to share. Let’s connect and grow closer, even when I’m far away! (only 20 sessions/month available)

Any dollar amount

You don't have to become a monthly contributor to help out! If you want to make a one time donation to cover an expense, or if you want to support but can't commit to a monthly amount, you can make a payment at any time! All contributions are greatly appreciated and your support means so much to me! Thank you for helpng me make this dream a reality!

Donate to help cover unexpected expenses

$175 new hard drive

$180 new printer

$800 data recovery

$2,800 transmission repair

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The Launch Team