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2020 is going to be an epic, life-changing journey for me. I'm traveling the country, staying in my favorite cities with the best music scenes to explore and create and grow as an artist. I’m so incredibly grateful for the support from people who want to see me reach my goals and realize my dreams. I’m taking a huge leap, embarking on an ambitious journey to make music all over the country, spending each month working from a different city. 


In each city I will put together a band, book shows, go into a studio and record an in-studio video, teach drum clinics, go to jams and open mics, do co-writing sessions, and participate in each music scene to experience what it’s like being a musician in all these different places. I’m leaving the comfort of my hometown and going places where I don’t know as many people and that’s a little scary. But I’m a believer in doing things that scare you, and I want to trust that I’ll be able to not only “get by” but to truly flourish and thrive in these new environments. 


If you think that what I’m doing is exciting or interesting and you want to help me do all the things I’m setting out to do, please consider joining my Launch Team. Launch Team members choose a dollar amount they can afford to invest monthly to help me cover expenses like gas, food, lodging or put towards projects such as paying for studio time, hiring videographers, paying a band, etc. I'm offering incentives at each level to encourage you to get involved beyond simply "following along". I want to work together and help each other connect and grow.


I am so floored by the support that my friends, family, and fans have shown so far, and so many people are asking “how can I help” as I take off on this next mission. I’ve come up with some options for monthly contributions, and there’s always a one-time donation option if you see that I need help with something and want to throw a couple bucks my way.

All Launch Team members will receive a password that gains them access to the exclusive content in the Launch Team Portal, which will become available on December 28th prior to the Launch Party. Content will include videos from the road telling you about what I'm up to, early listens to my demos of unreleased songs, charts for the songs I perform live, finished and unfinished lyrics, and pages taken directly from my journals. People who join my launch team will have a chance to get to know me in a way that far exceeds what the public and social media followers have access to.

Launch Team


Your name is listed on my website on the “Launch Team” page, you get access to all Launch Team forums and videos. Exclusive content will include access to unreleased demos, videos from the road, handwritten journal entries, lyrics, and anything else I want to share that isn't available to the public.

Button Club


Each month you receive by mail the Button of the Month plus one button of Heather's choice.

Lunch Team 


Join the monthly LIVESTREAM update lunch hour where I’ll tell you all about my travels, answer questions, and go more in-depth about my experiences. Thanks for taking me  out to lunch! You also will be in the Button Club and have access to the Launch Team Portal.

Tank of gas


This is for those of you who want to help me get where I’m going but aren’t looking for anything special in return. Put a tank of gas in the van each month and I'll keep on rolling!

“It’s not therapy” session


A monthly one-hour phone call where we can talk about anything you’d like, let me know what you’re going through, what you’re working on, and what you’re excited about. I can offer encouragement, support, inspiration, or any words of wisdom I have to share. Let’s connect and grow closer, even when I’m far away! (only 20 sessions/month available)

Any dollar amount

You don't have to become a monthly contributor to help out! If you want to make a one time donation to cover an expense, or if you want to support but can't commit to a monthly amount, you can make a payment at any time! All contributions are greatly appreciated and your support means so much to me! Thank you for helpng me make this dream a reality!


$200 THERE’S GAS IN THE VAN! I can put gas in the tank and get to the next destination

$500 THE BAND IS PAID! I can pay a band for one live show

$1,100 STUDIO SESSION! We can book a session to record a song

$1,400 VIDEO SESSION! We can hire a videographer

$2,200 WE MADE IT! I can keep the van running and I might not have to sleep on any floors this month

Monthly Expenses:


Gas: $200

Lodging: $400

Food: $400

Studio: $500

Video: $300

Band Pay: $300

Vehicle: $100


Total: $2,200


One-Time Expenses:

Laptop Repair: $300

Mechanic: $500 

Video editing program: $50

Camera: $300

Charts: $150

Total: $1,300

Current Totals:

Monthly: $162.00

One-time donations: $1,960.00 

Maria Manness

Holly Theriot

Brodie Peterson

John Strayer

Kristen Palmer

Alyssa Martini

Daniel Provence

Chris Mosher

Jasmine Olivia


Margaret Williams

Alastair Duncan

Jonathan Russel

Dan Nash

Rick Thomas

David Burton

Delyce Howell

Carrie Pokrefke

Carol Eckart

Kristi Krein

Karen Thomas

Desiree Jones

Stevor Compton

Riley Creighton

Katelyn Carpenter

Andrew Cope

The Launch Team