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Oct 22

Let's connect!


I'm looking to connect with people in all the cities I'll be visiting this year, so please list anyone you can for me to link up with! If you have someone you want me to know, but don't want to post it on the forum, you can direct message with details instead. Feel free to connect me with musicians, artists, venues, business owners, friends, family, your favorite bands, that one spot you HAVE to go get a sandwich, people who might have a spare bedroom, or anything interesting about the place!


Here's the info I'll need:


Email, Facebook, Instagram, or website

What do they do?

How do you know them?



Portland, Eugene, Bend, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., St Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Denver, Salt Lake City