"Heather naturally cultivates such a healthy environment that combines challenge, positivity, and a knack for what's best for the flow of the song and session. She has a really unique ability to keep things in the moment and lively, while always edging towards them being extraordinarily thought out and flushed out. Being in the studio with her is energizing, productive, and inspiring to anyone in the room, which ultimately translates to the listener"

- Producer Eric Lilavois, London Bridge Studio

"As a songwriter, working with Heather is a dream. She challenges you and your ideas in a way that's direct, incredibly helpful, and revelatory. Not only is she a brilliant collaborator, she's the teacher you didn't know you needed. I've never walked away from a session with her feeling stuck. I always leave wanting to write more"

-Art Lipatan, artist and songwriter

"I'd seen Heather perform with many bands in the city and when it came time to record drums for my first studio record with Honcho Poncho, I knew she would deliver. Sure enough, Heather arrived with an openness and curiosity about the project and gave it her all for hours on end. Every take was THE take but that never stopped her from trying new things or taking critique and direction with grace and courtesy. Reliable, honest and friendly as heck, she's the one for the job."

-Sam Gelband, artist and songwriter

"Heather came recommended to me by various people when it came time hiring a drummer to record my album. Heather was incredibly professional in every way. She always came on time and prepared with a kind energy. She added so much to my experience and is a killer drummer. Her skills are top notch and I'd hire her again without question. Heather is also a very talented songwriter herself which made getting to know her even more fulfilling"

-Abby Karp, artist and songwriter

"My first time working with Heather she learned an entire 12 song set 5 hours before flawlessly performing it to a sold out crowd. In the studio she's a dream - can find the pocket perfectly right out of the gate, can learn complex parts incredibly quickly, can improvise in jaw-dropping ways during takes, is incredibly receptive to suggestions/direction, and in addition to the kit she is an amazing asset on auxiliary percussion parts. She plays what you want to hear 100 times better than you're hoping for. A calm, funny, kind presence, a complete professional, and an absolutely killer player in any genre you can throw her way. I hire Heather any time she's available and it's always the easiest decision to make."

-Timothy Van Buren, artist and songwriter

"Heather blew my mind! She is beyond pro. I needed a replacement drummer for a gig that was in less than 24 hours. I’d never worked with Heather and she came highly recommended. I’m so glad I listened to their advice. She learned my 1 hour set with transitions and all in two hours and totally saved the gig and killed the show. Simply incredible and on top of that a total pleasure to be around. She’s as pro as it gets."

-Tiffany Wilson, artist and songwriter

"Heather and I recorded a single together. Her drumming fit the song perfectly, giving it a lively bounce. She was fun to work with and efficient. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a solid, professional player."

-Alex Rasmussen, artist and songwriter

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